Introducing the Henno Martin Geotrail: Naukluft Mountains Symposium

Lechelle Goslin

Umvoto Africa’s research and innovation director, Dr. Chris Hartnady, recently presented at the virtual Naukluft Mountains Symposium on one of the planned geotrails, The Henno Martin Memorial Trail, that TUF is developing for their new trail series.

The symposium was a celebration of the rich history of the Naukluft Mountains, of which Dr. Hartnady has contributed to with his PhD in 1978 (The structural geology of the Naukluft Nappe Complex) and subsequent research. Watch the video below to see how TUF aims to celebrate the rich history of these mountains with the Henno Martin Memorial Trail.

Chris Hartnady’s virtual talk at the Naukluft Mountains Symposium introduing the Henno Martin Memorail Trail.