Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement Project

The Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement Project began in 2019 when a group of concerned residents from the Khayelitsha area decided to take pro-active approaches to improve their streets. Help Up has also contributed to this initiative by providing tools/materials and a weekly stipend to Busi and her team. Busi tells us more about where this all began in her interview with director Paula Hay.

The Indawo, Abantu, Injongo E Khayelitsha initiative has further evolved and intends to re-use dumped building rubble to create concrete benches and bins that will be placed along the sidewalk of Hlontlo Street, outside of Chuma Primary School, Khayelitsha. The newly created concrete benches and bins will be decorated by a mosaic artist, whilst the sidewalk will also have fit-for-purpose plants for people to view and enjoy. This initiative will create a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents. Furthermore, the sidewalk will also provide a much needed safety route for children to walk to school.

On the 27th of May, The Umvoto Foundation visited Chuma Primary School as part of this initiative. The school has agreed to allow Busiswa and her team to crush the rubble and store the relevant materials on their property to build the concrete benches and bins. In response to the school’s generosity, TUF will assist with setting up, improving and expanding the school’s vegetable garden that will include skills development and knowledge transfer, with the learners and educators eventually becoming the custodians of the vegetable garden.