A new secondhand stall in Khayelitsha

The ladies from the Indawo, Abantu, Injongo e Khayelitsha initiative have been busy over the last few months. Their weekly street cleanups require a growing number of tools and resources for their ever-expanding team. Recognising this need, the team decided to start a secondhand stall to fund this growing need. The team had been planning this for a while, and finally started their first stall in December last year. The stall is set up along the street where they do their cleanups, and right across from where The Umvoto Foundation-funded mural was painted by local artist Seth.

The stalls have gained traction, with the team having them open three Saturdays each month. Busi, the leader of this initiative, has said that in the event of them having enough equipment from the funds raised at the secondhand stalls, there are multiple other ways their profits can be used for good in the community. One way is, for example, by supplying sanitary pads to the girls at the local primary school.  

The Umvoto Foundation, wanting to help this cause as much as possible, decided to assist by initiating a clothing drive. Together with Umvoto, TUF managed to collect numerous items for Busi and her team to sell. The Umvoto Foundation have plans to continue setting up secondhand drives over the year with Umvoto and other collaborators. If you would like to get involved with these secondhand drives, please contact us!

The Indawo, Abantu, Injongo e Khayelitsha initiative continue to work hard as a force of positive change in their community, and we are eager to see the positive changes they make through the rest of 2022!