Kornelius Riemann

Kornelius joined Umvoto Africa in 2002 as a Senior Hydrogeologist, later becoming the Principal Hydrogeologist and is now serving as the Technical Director. Kornelius obtained his Doctorate from the University of the Free State, where his research dealt with new approaches and methods for estimating aquifer parameters in fractured rock, based on fractal analysis of test pumping and tracer-test data. Kornelius’ expertise includes groundwater assessment, development and management; surface water and groundwater interaction; aquifer hydraulics and pumping test analysis; integrated water resource management, and the design and development of monitoring networks. Additionally, he is a specialist in groundwater regulatory protocols and is head of Umvoto’s Quality Management System. Kornelius is widely publicized, which includes books and research reports, peer-reviewed journals, conference papers and consulting reports. He has also contributed to academic course material, thesis supervision and examination papers. 

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