Dylan Blake is an Associate and Principal Geologist at Umvoto Africa, where he has worked since 2007. He completed his Bachelor of Science undergraduate and Honour’s degree studies in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he specialised in coastal/marine sedimentology, structural geology and applied environmental geology. He is proficient in groundwater assessment and borehole siting, South African resource legislation, groundwater use licensing, and drilling/testing supervision and contract management. Dylan has significant experience in the geology and hydrogeology of aquifers in the Cape and Karoo supergroups, Malmesbury Group, Cape Granite Suite and several others. He has undertaken numerous groundwater assessments and sited high-yielding boreholes for farms, industries, hospitals, towns, schools, solar facilities, and municipalities in geologically complex regions of South Africa.

Other Collaborators

Gemma Bluff

Gemma Bluff is an Environmentalist and Climatologist at Umvoto Africa.

Fahad Aziz

Fahad Aziz is currently working at Umvoto Africa as a