Great Lotus Canal Challenge

Lechelle Goslin

The objective of the Great Lotus Canal Challenge was to engage local communities to understand the importance of ecosystem health for maintaining water quality and reducing disaster risk. 

In 2019, TUF partnered with Communitree, Site-Specific Land Art, and the Edith Stephens Wetland Park to develop a series of environmental and groundwater stewardship workshops focused on a large storm water canal adjacent to a nature reserve. As part of this project, TUF and partners also worked with communities around the Lotus Canal through art, and supporting grassroots clean up initiatives around waterways. 

14 participants, including youth, learned about sustainable regeneration of local aquifer recharge zones and how to improve the environmental health of the water ways near them.   

100% of participants indicated that they were satisfied with the workshops, with 55% stating that they were “very satisfied.” 

We consider the success of this project as TUF’s introduction as a leader in the burgeoning concept of “social hydrogeology”.