The Umvoto Foundation Geotrail Series

Lechelle Goslin

The Umvoto Foundation (TUF) is currently involved in a geo-tourism initiative that incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TUF is further embarking on a series of guidebooks and guided hiking trails that will explore the unique and fascinating geology, hydrology, climatology, and environmental history of the South Western Cape. Working in collaboration with App Developer Forge and funded by the 35IGC Legacy Fund, The Umvoto Foundation has embarked on the first of a series of hikes, the “Five Reservoir hike”, bringing to life, with an interactive App and Guidebook, the story of repeated water shortages throughout the history of the city.  The team is planning several other interesting hikes which may, in time, expand to other parts of the country where TUF has knowledge and experience. Future trails in development include:

1) The Sedimentology and Wetlands of Noordhoek Beach;

2) Cape Point, wrecks, caves the lighthouse and the Southwestern tip of Africa;

3) The Hermanus Gateway Water Trail; and the

4) Henno Martin Geotrail