Forge SA

Forge New Frontiers

Forge New Frontiers (t/a Forge) is 100% home-grown South African mapping and geospatial solutions company. Their primary focus is designing (and updating) a location- and mapping-based mobile application supplying the outdoor enthusiast with highly detailed and accurate maps of all hiking, mountain biking and trail running trails around the Western Cape and Gauteng with the aim to expand into the rest of the country, continent and globally. In addition to the map product, Forge also encompasses a multimedia component in the forms of both internal Forge and user blogs, videos and photographs, Forge aims to create an all-inclusive web- and mobile-based package for any person wanting to explore the outdoors, from the first-timer to experienced mountaineer.

Forge began in earnest in early 2016 when founder, Michael Halley, moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town and found that information on hiking trails in the City was not in an user-friendly format in one place. In addition to this, there was no technological solution available to find activities easily or navigate once on the trails with a simple interface. Out of this problem, Forge was born. It is hoped that Forge acts as a catalyst for the development of a better-informed, aware and adventurous outdoor community and providing high quality, accurate spatial and supporting information. It is also hopes that it acts as a tool to enable and further sustainable socio-economic growth through other services being provided such as those in the guiding, adventure sports, events and tourism.

Forge’s strategy and vision is to create and maintain an intuitive, battery-friendly, “one-stop-shop” application for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts and a supporting website, built on highly accurate data. The aim is to develop an app that encourages outdoor activity, highlights safety while outdoors and exposes people to the rich biodiversity and recreational value that our parks, protected areas and open spaces have to offer. Ultimately, Forge would love to see people getting outdoors, finding their path and exploring more.

Other Collaborators

Anni Snyman

Anni Snyman is a South African artist based in Johannesburg.