mosaic of a man

Reagan Sidney Rubain

Reagan Sidney Rubain was born on the 13th of September 1984 in the small but scenic community of Ocean View on the outskirts of Cape Town. Growing up impoverished with little to no inspiration for a little child, art would inevitably catch him in its grip. He never looked back, exploring and falling in love with art and quickly gaining admiration amongst people who admired his growing passion. He carried this love of the arts throughout his school year. Reagan matriculated in the year 2002 which would see the start of a rather miserable period in his life. He had inadequate funds to further his studies and jobs being hard to come by. This was a horrible period that today he sees as a blessing in disguise.

Today Reagan works as a professional mosaic artist. His art adornin people’s walls, creating community art murals, commissions, portraits and anything the heart desires. Community upliftment has also become a big part of his life as he strives to inspire change through his art. His collaborations and art can be seen at the Spier Wine Farm, a 500 m2 project at the Presidential house in Tswane, a 13-metre-long mosaic in Johannesburg (Telesure building), art as far as London, and murals in his community. His dream is to keep inspiring, meet more people, partners, and collaborators and travel the world.

Other Collaborators