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Friends of the Silvermine Nature Area

Friends of the Silvermine Nature Area (FOSNA) is a public service non-profit organisation (NPO). They focus on bringing together communities to help protect the Silvermine River, its surrounding areas and all the faunal/floral species. FOSNA is made up a voluntary management team which includes, Dave Balfour, Shelley Tuck, Jay Cowan, Maureen Sheldon, Neryne Burgess, Yvonne Viljoen, Lynda Downing, Martin Scholtz and Bruce Snaddon. They have multiple ongoing projects including monitoring, infrastructure upkeep and maintenance, alien invasive removal and multiple hikes and walks.

To find out more details about the projects that TUF and FOSA partner in, read here.

Other Collaborators

Dylan Blake

Dylan Blake is an Associate and Principal Geologist at Umvoto